January 2014

 Wise up and enjoy culture on a budget in Paris! 

Author: Isabel Orange
Although it may often seem an expensive place to live, Paris does offer a huge amount of cultural things to do for free (or cheap) – you just need to know where to go and when! For young people under 25 from the EU, museum entry is normally free – all you need to do is show your ID. At the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre, for example, this even means you don't have to queue for tickets inside! Although it means places are sometimes crowded, it's also well worth noting that on the first Sunday of every month, most Paris museums give free entry to all visitors. READ MORE

 Enjoy France on a budget! 

Author: Isabel Orange
It's hard to believe that only a decade ago France was a budget holiday destination. At the moment, the cost of living makes it hard to get by on any budget at all! Having lived here for a while now though, I'm getting used to finding ways of keeping costs down. It's possible to have a good time on a tight budget if you know where to look. Here are a few pieces of advice people have given me since I arrived in France, I have found them useful, I hope you do too! READ MORE

 Faux Amis 

Author: Isabel Orange
The good thing about learning French/English is that the two languages share hundreds of words, especially in modern language with shared words like 'weekend' and 'film' which make it easier for French or English speakers to quickly expand their vocabulary in the other language (or if in doubt to use a little guesswork!) However, the only problem posed by this large number of cognates is that just sometimes they are false and they catch us out! READ MORE

 Unusual Ways to Learn a Language 

Author: Alysa Salzberg
Most of us learn a foreign language in school, or with private lessons, or even using audio CD’s. But sometimes, that just won’t cut it. If you’re having trouble getting started, or need help honing your skills, maybe you should take a different approach. Here are some unusual ways to learn a language that may work for you: READ MORE