March 2014

 Five weird and wonderful ways to spend an evening in Paris 

Author: Alysa Salzberg
For centuries, the City of Light has been known for its nightlife, and the tradition continues today. But did you know that in addition to countless bars, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters, you can also find more unusual ways to spend an evening here? Here’s our list of five of them: READ MORE

 How much do you tip in France? 

Author: Reem B.
Dining in French restaurants, regardless of whether or not you have opted for French cuisine, is always an enjoyable experience. With their 'formules' that are always a cheaper option than ordering a single dish 'à la carte', you are guaranteed to leave the restaurant fully satisfied, yet not overly full. The portions of 'entrées', main courses and desserts are perfectly sized and go wonderfully with a glass of wine. If you have chosen well and avoided tourist-aimed restaurants that often have sky-high prices and disgruntled staff, you will have also probably enjoyed some friendly, fast service. READ MORE

 A guide to getting set up in Paris 

Author: Reem B.
Moving to a new country is always daunting and stressful. It's almost impossible to solely focus on the excitement that comes with starting a new life somewhere when you can't seem to get your mind off the fact that you have yet to find accommodation, you have no phone and you don't know the city or maybe even the language that well either! READ MORE