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Useful tips to help you on your journey towards fluency.

 Classic Mistakes When Learning French 

Author: I.Beckett
Learning a new language can certainly seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Getting your head around all that grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is challenging enough. Yet when it boils down to a one-on-one conversation with a real French person, the mistakes we make are often of a much less academic, and much more embarrassing, nature. From faux amis to faux pas, below are some of the most common mistakes we tend to make and where to find out more about them. Read more

 How to Practice Your French Pronunciation 

Author: B. James
You've spent a dixaine of years studying French academically. You understood the whole of Amélie by the third time you had watch it, can conjugate avoir in 12 tenses of more and can probably write an essay about France's immigration policy in your sleep, but is your spoken language up to scatch? Here isa list of embarassing pronunciation mistakes and a guide to improving your french pronunciation. Read more

 10 Tips for Teaching Yourself French 

Author: B. James
French is actually one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. We anglophones have William the Conqueror and the several years of Norman occupation to thank for a third of the words in the English language. In fact English has more in common with French than any other Romance language and is a good choice if you're interested in teaching yourself a language. Read more

 The Best French Christmas Movies! 

Author: Emma Ly
There is nothing more satisfying than snuggling up to a movie and a box of chocolates at home around Christmas time. Instead of cosying up to Love Actually or Home Alone this year, why not try watching one of these festive French films instead? We've picked out some of our favourites to suit all film tastes! Read more

 Franglish's Learning French through Music Playlist Number 2 - The Nineties to Now! 

Author: Emma Ly
Franglish's Learning French through Music Playlist Number 2 The Nineties to Now ! We know you loved our first playlist, so now we're going to treat you to another. We've chosen a list of some quality nineties classics to unmissable songs in today's French music scene. Why did we choose music from the Nineties onwards ? Well, from then until now, English speaking songs have dominated the charts, and many home talents now sing in English ! As I was searching for 'meilleurs chansons de l'année...', the top songs of each year were dissapointingly, more often than not American or British songs. So, we've created a little selection of awesome French songs to save you the search ! Read more