Teaching English in France

Teaching English in France is a unique opportunity to travel and share your culture and language with French families.

Teaching English as a foreign language can be an immensely rewarding opportunity.  As an obvious next step for  graduates, or those with a touch of wanderlust, teaching abroad could allow you to explore a new country and culture on a budget.  Spending an extended period of time abroad is a great way to learn valuable skills, a new language and become fully immersed in a new experience.   

The ability to adapt to a new culture and live in a new place is an indispensable skill and, as well as language competence, is increasingly sought out by employers.  Teaching abroad could be the avenue to unique opportunities or a new career in itself.

Finding teaching or child-care jobs through an agency will help you to set up in a new country and allow you get involved with local people and families and become a valued part of local life.  Share your passion for travel and language with a whole community of Erasmus students and expats from all over the world and make friends for life.

There are plenty of agencies in France and most of them are pretty good. But we, at Franglish, especially recommend one : our partner Speaking-agency because we know them and you won't be disappointed if you work with them. They operate all over France and are a leading provider of childcare in foreign languages and language courses for children. By joining them you can benefit from the opportunity to work in France and fully immerse yourself in a new culture.  There is no minimum level of French so anyone is welcome and you'll be given the opportunity to take free French classes alongside your work.  Flexible hours (from 2 to 20 hours a week) will allow you the freedom to visit new places and get to know your new home.

As well as language classes, employees in Paris are given a years free Velib pass and invitations to local events.  Your salary could range from 10 - 20€/hour and it is generally easy to find a position close to your accommodation and that fits with your availability.  Application is open all year round and can be found HERE.

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